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Coral Steel Company and its� �sister company� Coral Cages Inc is proud to announce the delivery and utilization of Coral Cages� innovative �PRE-ASSEMBLED COLUMN AND BEAM CAGE� in Palm Beach County.

The cages were made for West Construction of Lake Worth, a highly respected and award winning General Contracting firm, for their project the Palm Beach Shores Town Center. West Construction Inc. is the first construction company to use this innovative technology in Palm Beach County.

Coral Cages logoThe �PRE-ASSEMBLED COLUMN AND BEAM CAGE� is a revolutionary advance in the area of assembling reinforcing steel sections for concrete construction. The computerized �resistance� or �fusion� welding technology that is incorporated into the �PREASSEMBLED COLUMN AND BEAM CAGE� has been used for many years in the production of another construction product known as �welded wire fabric� or �mesh�. This technology has only recently been adapted for use in the making of �PRE-ASSEMBLED COLUMN AND BEAM CAGES�.

Using the latest in �rebar� fabrication and welding technology the �PRE-ASSEMBLED COLUMN AND BEAM CAGE� is a stronger, dimensionally more accurate product. It will provide a 60% labor savings over conventional manual reinforcing steel assembly techniques.

This advancement in �rebar� assembly and fabrication is made possible by using both a single piece �serpentine� tie or hoop,(designed to replace 2 piece to 5 piece column hoops or ties) and the latest developments in computerized welding machinery. Computerized rebar processing equipment can produce hoops (ties) with greater consistency and precision than manual machines.  Coral Cages - Advanced Rebar technology

The computerized machinery used to weld and produce �PRE-ASSEMBLED COLUMN AND BEAM CAGE� and the �serpentine� ties are manufactured by SCHNELL EQUIPMENT S.P.A., of Fano, Italy.

In February 2006, Coral Cages presented this new and innovative product to the Building Officials of Palm Beach County and gained their approval prior to making the product available commercially. The manufacturing guidelines and technical code acceptance for this product is covered by The Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute, (C.R.S.I.) �ENGINEERING DATA REPORT #53�.

Lee Disbury, Vice President of Coral Cages, states, �We at Coral Steel and Coral Cages view this as a significant event in the history of our firm and foresee a time when the use of pre-assembled column and beam cages will be the standard in concrete construction. There is a huge labor and time savings when using this product. It is inherently stronger and dimensionally more accurate then manually assembled cages. A substantial safety benefit is also derived because beams and columns will not �rack� or be displaced during handling and concreting. I believe when rod busters, (professional rebar placers) and contractors get to see these cages in the real world we will have an avalanche of demand for preassembled cages.�

Don West of West Construction also notes �Time is saved in the final assembly of the column and there is no need to �shake out� and sort the ties for each column.�


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